Produce clean energy, get compensated, fight climate change

Do you want to help preserve the planet?

We empower everyone to participate in climate action

Start generating clean energy from solar power facilities located around the world within minutes, earn passive income from generated electricity, and help fight climate change by contributing to making the transition to clean energy sources.

Buy and sell solar panel shares

Receive passive income

Produce clean energy

Help fight climate change

Buy solar panel shares

Become an owner with just a few clicks

Don't have a roof, a large amount of capital, or time to invest in a months/years long community solar project? Buying solar panel shares on Start.Solar is done within minutes with just 3 clicks and you can get started as low as €10.

Selling solar panel shares or transferring ownership to another person can be done just as easy.

Earn passive income

Receive up to 10% ROI anually

Start.Solar deposits the funds generated by selling the generated solar power on a recurring basis. You can withdraw your profits at any time with just 2 clicks.

Produce clean energy

Supply the increasing energy demand

Help to supply clean energy for the increasing demand for electricity around the world. For example in emerging markets and for the transportation sector that is becoming more electrically powered.

Save the environment

Help fight climate change

By buying solar panel shares you contribute to a world powered by clean energy and help fight climate change. The consequences of climate change are being felt more and more and now you can directly help preserve our beautiful planet for future generations by buying solar panel shares.

Desktop supported

Tablet supported

Mobile supported

View demo

Visit to interact with the live prototype decentralized application on the Ethereum Ropsten testnet or watch the short video below, showing Start.Solar decentralized application usage for solar panel buyers.

In the video, we sign transactions with the Metamask extension but you can also use Parity, Mist or a mobile Ethereum dApp browser. More videos and information can be found here.