The transition to clean energy sources is happening too slow. The impact climate change is having on our lives is being felt more and more in the entire world. The biggest driver of climate change is humans, for example by burning fossil fuels for energy production and transportation.

We believe we have to take a step back and instead of creating luxuries, we have to make sure everyone has access to basic human needs, like energy, water, and food. The technologies to create an abundance of clean energy, water, and food are already here. By creating an environment where anyone can become an owner of facilities utilizing these technologies, we can create an abundance of basic life needs for anyone while also solving our most pressing problem, which is global warming.

Our first step is to create an abundance of clean energy. We will accomplish this by empowering everybody in the world to become an owner of solar power facilities and earn a passive income while fighting climate change and help create an abundance of clean energy.