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Installing solar panels on your property

The advantages

Installing solar panels using Start.Solar

Compare offers from local installers

Receive multiple offers from solar panel installers customized for your situation your area.

On Start.Solar you can easily get in contact with multiple installers, compare offers and plan your installation.

Financial return

Quick return on investment

Depending on the suitability of your property and the quality of the solar panels you can reach a very high return on investment. Within a few years the installtion will be earned back, after which you will enjoy much more years from the energy generated by your solar panels.

Produce clean energy

Supply the increasing energy demand

Help to supply clean energy for the increasing demand for electricity around the world. For example in emerging markets and for the transportation sector that is becoming more electrically powered.

Help our planet

Fight against climate change

By installing solar panels on your property you will participate in helping create world powered by clean energy. The consequences climate change is having on our lives is being felt more and more world wide, Start Solar makes it possible to easily contribute in helping to secure our beautiful planet for future generations.