03 May, 2019

5 reasons to invest in solar energy right now

Are you looking for a better return on your investment than your savings account? Are you looking to save money on your energy bill? This blog will give you 5 reasons why investing in solar energy right now might just be the solution for you.

1. Saving or earning money

By investing in solar panels on your roof you can save a lot on your energy bill. Or, in some cases, you can even earn money from the energy you’ve generated.

Some platforms offer you the possibility to invest in solar energy projects that are realized at a secondary location. This is often an interesting possibility when you live in an apartment complex and don’t have a roof to place solar panels on, or if you already have solar panels on your roof. Some of these platforms also offer you the ability to directly deduct the generated energy from your energy bill, in other cases you are able to receive a payout based on the generated energy in euro’s or even in cryptocurrency.

The return on your investment is often much higher than the returns on your savings account. Returns average around 5–8%.

2. Help fight global warming

The consequences of climate change are being felt more and more. In order to reduce our global CO2 emissions, we have to undertake major steps as individuals and society as a whole.

The two industries that currently are responsible for the largest CO2 offset are the energy-production and transport sector. With the current transition from fuel-cars to EV’s, the demand for energy will only increase.

Many homes are suitable to have solar panels installed. This gives homeowners the ability to make a significant contribution by compensating their CO2 emission.

3. Independence

Investing in your own solar panel installation has the additional benefit that you become less dependent on price trends in the energy market. Furthermore, you become less dependent on disruptions from the energy grid.

When you combine clean energy production with energy storage, you can even live completely off-grid energy-wise.

4. Solar panels are affordable

The past few years the costs for solar panels has decreased significantly, while the capacity per panel has increased. As a result, investing in solar energy is interesting for almost anyone.

However, should the required investment be too high, there are solutions that allow you to invest in solar energy projects starting from just a couple of euro. There are also providers that offer you the ability to either lease or rent your solar panel installation.

5. Low maintenance

Depending on the quality the average lifespan of solar panels around 20-25 years. As soon as solar panels are installed, they require very little maintenance. Cleaning your solar panels once a year assures the highest capacity.

About Start.Solar

Start Solar enables you to invest cryptocurrency into solar energy projects in order to fight climate change while receiving a good ROI. For more information please check out our project page here.


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