10 May, 2019

How to participate in a project on

How to participate in a solar energy project on start solar

Participating in the funding and revenue share of a project is accessible for everyone, can be done within a few minutes and starts at a low amount. In this article we will explain in 4 steps how to purchase your first share and start earning from generating clean energy.

Step 1: Metamask

As a first step you will have to install the Metamask browser extension. Start by visiting the Metamask website and select the browser you are using, you can then download and install the extension. Follow the Metamask installation steps carefully in order to make sure that your wallet is secure.

After successfully installing Metamask, copy your wallet address and save it for later.


Step 2: Deposit Ether in your wallet

If you already own Ether, you can send an amount to the address you have just copied from Metamask. If you do not own Ether yet you can purchase it on for example, Coinbase and send it to your Metamask wallet address.

Step 3: Purchasing a share

When you have successfully installed Metamask and have Ether balance in your wallet, you can visit and select the project you would like to invest in. After selecting the project, you can view the information about the project and all the available shares that are for sale. When you click the “purchase” button next to the ID and price of a share, you will be prompted by Metamask to sign the transaction.

When your transaction has been confirmed in the network, you will be the owner of the share and you will start earning when new deposits are made to the project. You can view all your shares if you press “Account” in the menu on the left side.


Step 4: Withdraw revenue

By selecting “Balances” on the “Account” section of the website you are able to view the balances you have earned from the shares that you own. By pressing the “withdraw” button and signing the transaction in the Metamask popup you will withdraw the Ether from the project’s smart contract to your Metamask wallet.


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