10 May, 2019

Our first solar project is now online

For the past few months we have been hard at work on finalizing the beta of our decentralized micro-investing platform. We are now happy to announce that we have our first project live on our website, making it possible for everyone to help produce clean energy and earn Ether while doing so.

Project location

The first micro “household” project is located in Weesp, a city that is located about 10km from Amsterdam in The Netherlands. This project will make the 2 person household produce 100% of their yearly energy-usage, resulting in a reduction of ~1300kg of CO2 per year.



The initial price of a share is 0.2ETH (~€30,- at the time of writing), a share represents 1/150th of the total installation. Every month a fixed Euro amount is deposited as Ether into the smart contract of the project. The amount is automatically split between all the owners of the shares, resulting in an expected annual return on investment of approximately 6%.


How to participate

Purchasing a share can be achieved within a few minutes, to get started you will have to install the Metamask browser extension. After you have successfully installed the extension, you will have to convert some of your money to the Ether cryptocurrency. We recommend using Coinbase to buy Ether and send them to your Metamask wallet.

Once you have Metamask installed and Ether balance in your wallet, you are ready to visit our first project, purchase your share and start earning.


Martin Balk

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